Fresh'n Fruity has some big news!

At Fresh'n Fruity, we've been making yoghurt for over 35 years. and now we have a big announcement from NZ's favourite little yoghurt - Fresh'n Fruity now contains 40% less added sugar**, without compromising on taste. Keep an eye on your television sets to see Pottle-Man return to our screens to spread the big news!.

40% less added sugar** means more of the Fresh'n Fruity you love.

Pottle-Man loves the big news, and he's out there trying to spread the word of 40% less added sugar**. What does this mean? It means that we've taken out 40% of the added sugar from our existing formulation, but don't worry, we did our homework to make sure we kept the Fresh'n Fruity flavour you love. Now we can focus on the goodness of fruit and NZ dairy.

Now it's up to you!

Check out what Pottle-Man is on about by finding Fresh'n Fruity yoghurt at your nearest supermarket. Keep your eyes peeled for Pottle-Guy on your TV sets or in your neighborhood - he's a friendly fella so he won't bite - he might throw you a spoon though to dive into a delicious Fresh'n Fruity recipe, now with 40% less added sugar!**